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medical doctor in office

medical doctor in officeThe number of medically uninsured individuals in the United States is rising substantially, even with the expansion of medicare that took place between 2013 to 2015. Millions of Americans struggle to keep themselves in good health while living paycheck to paycheck. Even those who are insured might not have the time to take care of medical emergencies without taking valuable time away from work. The good news is that there are urgent care walk-in clinics available for those in need.

Access to Primary Care Physicians

One of the key benefits of going to urgent care is that each one is directed by a primary care doctor with the help of a staff of medical professionals with varying degrees of training. The primary care doctors are often Doctors of Medicine (MDs) or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (ORs) who specialize in emergency care. Many of them have also worked in a family practice setting.

On account of the way they are managed, urgent care centers can provide adequate treatment for most people who choose this option or are compelled to. There is a nationally recognized standard for the number of practicing physicians in every state that California has found hard to meet. Urgent Care centers can help meet some of the non-life threatening emergency needs people frequently have and reduce the severity of this lack.

Growing in Number

The convenience and high-quality care available at urgent care clinics make them highly in demand, and their numbers are growing. Clean and well-maintained facilities are available all over California, and residents of Redding are well-positioned to benefit. There are over 1,100 cities in California that have an urgent care center.

The hours of operation of an urgent care clinic usually fit into the schedule of those who work during the day and need to visit after work. Although hours vary by location, many in California are open into the early evening hours.

Before You Visit

If you don’t have an immediate emergency medical problem, take the time to find the nearest urgent care location to where you live. Waiting until the last minute and ending up in a rush could be risky to yourself and others’ safety.

Urgent Care clinics aren’t just for emergencies. They can also provide excellent lab work and administer the most up to date vaccinations. Depending on the location and expertise of the staff, a wide variety of medical procedures might be available. This is why it pays to know a little about your nearest location, or those further from you, so you know what options are available to you.

There are various specialties of treatment at some urgent care centers, including pediatrics and women’s health needs. Children as well as full-time students can benefit from the quality of care that is readily available to them.

Call or visit the website of the urgent care you choose before a visit to verify the acceptance of your insurance plan. It’s always a good idea to take identification and some form of medical documentation with you when visiting an office or clinic you have never visited before.