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teen being examined at walk in urgent care clinic

teen being examined at walk in urgent care clinicDealing with medical issues is never pleasant, and can even be stressful when the issues cannot wait. If you have a medical concern that’s pressing, but not serious enough for the emergency room, your best option is to head to an urgent care. Redding Health Care is local urgent care facility that accommodates patients in an efficient, thoughtful and effective manner. regardless of their specific age groups.

Medical Issues

We assist patients with a broad range of medical concerns. If you feel irritated by a sore throat that simply will not go away, we can treat you. If you feel debilitated by a migraine headache that’s been eating away at you for hours or even days, we can treat you for that as well. We assist patients who are dealing with a vast assortment of illnesses, and injury types. Some examples of these are muscle strains, ankle sprains, lacerations, the flu, the common cold, dog bites, insect bites, burns, severe allergic reactions, strep throat, bronchitis, ear infections, pink eye, bone fractures, sinus infections, heat exhaustion, stings and frostbite.

If you have a medical concern that’s pressing, but that you don’t believe is life-threatening, know that you can visit our urgent care in Redding at any time. We have a medical staff that consists of some of the most effective, seasoned and compassionate individuals around. They know exactly how to assist our patients with any sort of medical issues. If you’re panicked about a laceration that’s bleeding, you can turn to us. If you’re in a state of serious concern about a bite from an insect that’s intensely painful, our staff  has you covered. We are committed to going the extra mile to provide our patients with treatment that can help them finally rest.

Our center does more than simply treat our patients for urgent  medical concerns. We also provide our patients with choices in vaccinations. If you want defense from a host of medical conditions, you can learn about all of our vaccination options. If you want to receive a flu vaccine or need a physical appointment for school. we are here to help. Whatever your need may be, Redding Health Care is here to assist. 

Contact Redding Health Clinic today. We can present you with an urgent care experience that’s simply matchless in caliber.