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Are you trying to land your dream job? Maybe your child wants to play a school sport, such as baseball or football? Perhaps you’ve just heard from a friend, family member or colleague that you should have a regular physical examination performed.
getting physical exams for sports
Unfortunately, going for a physical exam often incites anxiety and panic, but this can easily be avoided. Anyone can get through this necessary procedure with just a bit of knowledge about why they should seek a physical exam and what to expect while it is being performed.

Recognize their importance.

Even fit people who believe themselves to be healthy should receive regular physical exams. First of all, a thorough wellness check will allow you to establish yourself including a relationship with your physician, the health histories of yourself and close family members, allergies to medications, and the details of your lifestyle.

Additionally, these exams are key to the prevention of such ailments as heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States. The baseline results of tests also provide markers if something about your health changes. Your physician will even review your use of prescription and over-the-counter medications to prevent potentially harmful drug interactions.

Know what to expect.

Aside from the paperwork and billing involved with receiving a physical exam, patients should, at the very least expect the following procedures to be performed. To establish the aforementioned baseline levels, a physician will take your vitals. These will include your current height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and bodily temperature.

He or she will then want to perform a skin check, as well as an examination of your eyes, ears, and mouth. Other diagnostic tools will determine the health of your core systems, such as your respiration, circulation, and digestion. A lack of reflexes during a physical exam could be an indication of nerve damage or other cerebral illness. Finally, blood tests will provide your clinician with a bevy of information about your health.

Expect some exams to be required.

Workplace health screenings are generally unavoidable if you like your job. The most notable job-related exams are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For instance, exposure monitoring where any possible contact with hazardous chemicals such as cadmium or methylene chloride.

School and community sports physicals vary slightly from regular exams, but the end-game is the same. Liability issues must be considered, especially when children are being exposed to increased physical activity. Schools must protect themselves from any unknown issues that can arise among student-athletes. Life insurance agencies often require a physical exam to determine monthly premiums and death benefit payouts.

Physical exams are the best step you can take toward maintaining a healthy life. Not only that, remaining healthy goes a long way in helping you do the things you enjoy most.