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stethoscope shaping heart and clipboard on medical uniform, closeup

stethoscope shaping heart and clipboard on medical uniform, closeupLike most of us, you have probably experienced a medical situation outside of regular doctor’s office hours. You may have considered going to the nearest hospital Emergency Department or waiting for your doctor’s practice to open during the business day. However, there is another option that is likely safer, more convenient, and cost effective. Here are some reasons to utilize your local Redding, CA urgent care center for medical help.

Local Facility

Chances are that an urgent care center is located in your community or accessible driving area. Within minutes, most likely, you can reach the center for prompt and efficient medical evaluation. You won’t have to spend time going to the hospital and getting a parking spot before making your way through the hospital corridors to find the emergency department.

Convenient Registration

An urgent care center organizes patient records so that they are easy to locate and update. You won’t have to spend long periods of time waiting for the desk associate to find your information and have you sign numerous forms. The documents you sign are standard and sometimes more condensed with the same information required by doctors’ offices and hospitals. The waiting room is typically adjacent to check-in, so you can take a seat and wait to be called without being shuffled from one area of the center to another.

Reasonable Waiting Time

Every medical treatment center can experience an unexpectedly large volume of patients, requiring longer wait periods. However, an urgent care center is designed to handle cases promptly and efficiently based on each patient’s need, from x-rays to triage or a wellness checkup. Compared to a regular hospital emergency department, which can often be crowded with dozens of patients waiting to be seen with varying levels of serious problems, entailing longer wait times, you are likely to see a physician at an urgent care center within a reasonably brief waiting period.

Reliable Medical Treatment

Urgent care centers employ the same accredited and experienced staff that you will find in a doctor’s office or a hospital treatment center. Since these centers are community-based, staff often get to know patients well and interact in a friendly manner due to possibly being familiar with your medical history and records. The centers use the same quality of equipment and products that are found elsewhere, and lab test results come back as quick, or even quicker than, those of other medical facilities. Based on insurance coverage, costs average about the same as medical treatment elsewhere.

After-Hours Availability

One of the most important features of an urgent care center is its expanded hours of operation. Many or most centers are open six or seven days per week, including week nights and weekends. These are times that regular doctors’ offices are not open, and hospital ER facilities are sometimes overrun with patients due to accidents or illnesses that may be related to holidays and night-time or weekend activities.

The next time you have a relatively minor injury, such as cutting your finger and needing a tetanus shot, visit your local urgent care center for evaluation and treatment.