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walk in clinic exam of toddler

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself healthy and free from injury. Many folks choose to exercise regularly and eat right in order to protect their physical well-being. Other simply possess good immune systems and never seem to become ill. Every once in a while, though, even the healthiest of people can find themselves suffering from mild to moderate injury or illness.
walk in clinic exam of toddler
In these moments, it is best to seek care as soon as possible so you or your loved one can return to your daily activities. Most private physicians will be booked for weeks and hospital emergency rooms are ripe with viruses and long wait times. For these reasons, and several more, patients will often seek the services offered by a local walk-in clinic.

No Appointment Needed

As mentioned above, general practitioners are great medical providers when a patient is not suffering from an acute or emergent illness or injury. Family doctors are able to keep thorough records about their patients’ past histories, medications, and provide long-term care for chronic conditions.

However, problems can arise when waiting to see your regular provider just isn’t an option. Waking up with flu symptoms or suffering an injury at home cannot be predicted. Working people and parents alike must do whatever they can to get back to the tasks at hand. Walk-in clinics were designed for this very reason and the providers are dedicated to helping you get back on your feet without the need to make an appointment.

Shorter Wait Times

While a visit to a walk-in clinic may cause a bit of a wait, the time will not be nearly as long as those experienced in a hospital emergency room. The amount of time spent on checking into an ER is just the beginning.

Beyond that, more serious cases will be given priority, meaning that the arrival of trauma patients will only serve to extend your wait times, whether you are still waiting for a bed or you are already checked in, but still in need of examination or tests. Walk-in clinics do not provide care for the types of serious illnesses and injuries that take priority in an emergency room so your wait time will not be extended due to these unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

A Variety of Services

Parents of student athletes are well-aware of the sometimes very short notice that their child is required to have a physical performed in order to participate in a chosen sport. The same is also true for adults attempting to get a new job.

Aside from sudden injuries and infections, walk-in clinics are prepared to see patients for a host of reasons. After taking a patient’s medical history, walk-in clinic physicians will provide simple services including physical exams, immunizations, and the treatment of minor cuts and burns. Many can also perform cardiac diagnostic testing and more complicated procedures such as biopsies.

Sure, there are times when a trip to the emergency room or a visit to see one’s primary care physician is a patient’s best course of action. Quite often though, rapid relief from the pains that ail you can be found with a convenient trip to a local walk-in clinic.